To become a revered institution while grooming the child of today to be a capable, responsible, performing citizen & enabling growth holistically by providing a conducive environment with the teaching & parental community at large.


SCMKV is a unique mix of the traditional & the modern. It blends old & time – tested values with modern knowledge & state of the art facilities. Value orientation has been one of the most important focuses at SCMKV. We teach the value of respecting elders. Also at SCMKV, every students is expected to “Spread the light” of knowledge, wisdom, compassion, humility, humanitarianism & above all love for all mankind.
Each student is important to us. Along with academic statistics, we nurture student to be independent life long learners who rise to the challenges of life creatively & enthusiastically in an ever changing world. SCMKV is committed to provide a stable, caring & supportive family like environment where student can receive mature guidance through daily interaction with able faculty & become accountable, productive & ethical citizen with the skill to think innovatively, reason critically, communicate effectively.